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Welcome to Inkari Travel, We are a travel agency with which you can count on to know the different tourist attractions of Cusco and Peru, and we have the experience necessary for you to be a pleasant reminder of your sight

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machupicchu por carro 2 diasMachupicchu by Car (2 days - 1 night)

Visit the citadel of Ollantaytambo, for about 35 minutes, then climb to the Abra Malaga, located at the top of the mountain (4316 masl.), We can see beautiful scenery and Snow, plus the flora and fauna along the route to the town of Santa Maria which is about 1575 meters. We arrived at 14:00 the village of Santa Teresa where we will have lunch until 15:45 hours; We left the town of

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machupicchu por carro 2 diasInka trail to Machupicchu (4 days - 3 nights)

One of the walks scheduled as one of the best in the world, to be short and provide access  to the enigmatic city of Machu Picchu, the whole course surrounded by a rich archaeological, well as  flora and fauna. With any luck we will have the opportunity to see the spectacled bear, mammal characteristic of the eyebrow of the jungle,and Cock of the Rocks

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inka jungle a machupicchuInka Jungle a Machupicchu (4 days - 3 nights)

This Tour is one of the most beautiful and complete alternate  to make in Cusco, the way that also allows us to reach Machu Picchu, is flexible and for being a joint tour and hiking adventure on bicycles by beautiful landscapes.

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